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On November 19th, German metal band, OBSCURA, will herald
a new era of extreme metal as they combine virtuosic songwriting
with surprisingly catchy melodies and stunning craftsmanship.
After recently finishing the recordings in Gothenburg for their sixth
studio album to date and the follow-up to 2018’s “Diluvium”, the
combo around mastermind and founder Steffen Kummerer is now
announcing the title of their upcoming album to be “A Valediction”.
Thematically dealing with final farewells, the album will be
a very personal record, as Steffen reveals:
“A Valediction” unfolds OBSCURA in its purest form and showcases
the band at new heights and offers immediacy with a
rather personal touch. We cannot wait to perform this album on
stage and celebrate each and every song live with our loyal fans
around the globe. This record goes to eleven, so watch out for
the first single dropping in July and worldwide tour dates to be
announced soon.”
Mixed and mastered by award-winning producer Fredrik Nordström,
“A Valediction” is due to be released on November 19th,
and the band is already preparing further plans for this autumn,
which are soon to be announced. The first single of the OBSCURA’s
new chef d’oeuvre will see the light of day in July!

Side A
01. Forsaken
02. Solaris
03. A Valediction
Side B
01. When Stars Collide
02. In Unity
03. Devoured Usurper
04. The Beyond
Side C
01. Orbital Elements II
02. The Neuromancer
03. In Adversity
04. Heritage
Side D

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