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RELEASE DATE:25.06.2021.
By 1991, the world’s most celebrated trumpeter could look back on five decades of musical evolution – his own, and that of the world around him. Miles Davis had found ways of marrying jazz with classical ideas, then later R&B, rock and funk, producing hybrid offspring that shaped the course of popular music and had come to define his legend. In 1985, he’d left Columbia after thirty years to sign to Warner Bros. Records, a label riding high with best-selling artists like Madonna, Van Halen and Prince, with whom he had a mutual admiration and friendship.

Miles Davis’s lifelong love for France is well-documented, and in July 1991, he became a Knight of their Legion of Honour. Davis received the award from French culture minister Jack Lang, who described him as: “The Picasso of jazz.” A few days before, he played this electrifying set at the Vienne Jazz Festival with the Miles Davis Group. He passed away two months later in September 1991.

Miles Davis’ performance at Jazz a Vienne on July 1, 1991 became one of his final live performances before he passed away on September 28, 1991. While highlights from the concert have been released over the years, Merci, Miles will mark the first time that the complete performance will be released in the original order (for CD and digital) and the first time that the entire performance will be available on LP. The package features liner notes from music historian, journalist, and producer Ashley Kahn, with art designed by Bruno Tilley. The package will enjoy a deluxe treatment replete with photos and memorabilia from the performance and a fold-out poster.

Kahn is also directing a documentary about Miles in France featuring this performance slated to be released in 2021.
1- Hannibal
2- Human Nature
3- Time after Time
4- Penetration
5- Wrinkle
6- Amandla
7- Jaiilbait
8- Untitled finale – Miles’s band only
This previously unreleased set includes two songs written by Prince, “Penetration” and “Jailbait”.

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