TYPE O NEGATIVE – LIFE IS KILLING ME 20 anniversary relase CD2


Disc: 1
1. Thir13Teen
2. I Don’t Wanna Be Me
3. Less Than Zero
4. Todd’s Ship Gods (Above All Things)
5. I Like Goils
6. … a Dish Best Served Coldly
7. How Could She?
8. Life Is Killing Me
9. Nettie
10. (We Were) Electrocute
11. Iydkmigthtky (Gimme That)
12. Angry Inch
13. Anesthesia
14. 14 Drunk in Paris
15. The Dream Is Dead

Disc: 2
1. Out of the Fire (Kane’s Theme)
2. Suspended in Dusk
3. Blood ; Fire
4. Black Sabbath (Standard Version)
5. Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)
6. Haunted (Per Version)

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Type O Negative – Life Is Killing Me – Life Is Killing Me is the sixth studio album by the American gothic metal band Type O Negative. The album showcases the band’s signature blend of gothic atmospheres, doom-laden riffs, and darkly humorous lyrics, punctuated by Peter Steele’s unmistakable deep vocals. Touching on themes of mortality, despair, and existential angst, Life Is Killing Me is a haunting exploration of the human condition, wrapped in Type O Negative’s unique sonic envelope.