Original Album Remastered
CD1-1 Seal– Bring It On 3:58
CD1-2 Seal– Prayer For The Dying 5:30
CD1-3 Seal– Dreaming In Metaphors 5:52
CD1-4 Seal– Don’t Cry 6:18
CD1-5 Seal– Fast Changes 5:42
CD1-6 Seal– Kiss From A Rose 4:47
CD1-7 Seal– People Asking Why 4:46
CD1-8 Seal– Newborn Friend 4:04
CD1-9 Seal– If I Could 4:17
CD1-10 Seal– I’m Alive 4:02
CD1-11 Seal– Bring It On (Reprise) 1:19
CD2-1 Seal– Bring It On (Alternate Version) 5:35
CD2-2 Seal– Reality 4:34
CD2-3 Seal– Prayer For The Dying (Alternate Version) 5:31
CD2-4 Seal– Kiss From A Rose (Alternate Version) 5:11
CD2-5 Seal– Fast Changes (Alternate Version) 5:42
CD2-6 Seal– Newborn Friend (Alternate Version) 3:59
CD2-7 Seal– I’m Alive (Aternate Version) 4:09
CD2-8 Seal– Don’t Cry (Alternate Version) 6:22
CD2-9 Seal– People Asking Why (Alternate Version) 5:21
CD2-10 Seal– Dreaming In Metaphors (Alternate Version) 5:04
CD2-11 Seal– If I Could (Alternate Version) 3:52
CD2-12 Seal– Love Is Powerful 3:04
CD2-13 Seal feat. Jeff Beck– Manic Depression 5:13
CD2-14 Seal– Blues In E 3:43
CD2-15 Seal– The Wind Cries Mary 3:54
CD2-16 Seal– Fly Like An Eagle 4:15
Dolby Atmos / DTS-HD MA 5.1 / 48/24 HiRes Stereo
BD-1 Seal– Bring It On 3:59
BD-2 Seal– Prayer For The Dying 5:29
BD-3 Seal– Dreaming In Metaphors 5:51
BD-4 Seal– Don’t Cry 6:17
BD-5 Seal– Fast Changes 5:41
BD-6 Seal– Kiss From A Rose 4:47
BD-7 Seal– People Asking Why 4:46
BD-8 Seal– Newborn Friend 4:04
BD-9 Seal– If I Could 4:16
BD-10 Seal– I’m Alive 4:01
BD-11 Seal– Bring It On (Reprise) 1:16

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