NOUVELLE VAGUE – NOUVELLE VAGUE 20th anniversary ltd edition LP2


A1 Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:17
A2 Just Can’t Get Enough 3:11
A3 In A Matter Of Speaking 3:57
A4 Guns Of Brixton 4:11
A5 This Is Not A Love Song 3:46
A6 Too Drunk To Fuck 2:17
B1 Marian 3:54
B2 Making Plans For Nigel 3:32
B3 A Forest 3:40
B4 I Melt With You 4:01
B5 Teenage Kicks 2:14
B6 Psyche 4:12
C1 Friday Night Saturday Morning 4:23
C2 Sorry For Laughing 3:13
C3 Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) [KCRW Session] 2:40
C4 A Forest [KCRW Session] 3:02
C5 Just Can’t Get Enough [KCRW Session] 2:28
C6 Bizarre Love Triangle [KCRW Session] 2:40
D1 This Is Not A Love Song [KCRW Session] 2:33
D2 Making Plans For Nigel [KCRW Session] 3:05
D3 Even Fallen In Love [KCRW Session] 2:27
D4 Guns Of Brixton [KCRW Session] 3:23
D5 Love Will Tear Us Apart [KCRW Session] 3:40
D6 In A Manner Of Speaking [KCRW Session] 3:15
D7 Mongoloid [KCRW Session] 1:30

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