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Disc 1
1 Splintering Heart
2 Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven)
3 The Party
4 No One Can
5 Holidays In Eden
6 Dry Land
7 Waiting To Happen
8 This Town
9 The Rake’s Progress
10 100 Nights
Disc 2
1 Splintering Heart
2 Garden Party
3 Dry Land
4 The King Of Sunset Town
5 The Party
6 Easter
7 The Space…
8 Holloway Girl
9 A Collection
10 Waiting To Happen
Disc 3
1 Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven)
2 Lords Of The Backstage
3 Blind Curve
4 The Uninvited Guest
5 This Town
6 The Rake’s Progress
7 100 Nights
8 Slainte Mhath
9 Holidays In Eden
10 Hooks In You
11 No One Can
12 Berlin
13 Kayleigh
14 Incommunicado
Disc 4
1 Holidays In Eden (2022 Remix)
2 Sympathy
3 How Can It Hurt
4 A Collection
5 Sympathy (Acoustic Version)
6 I Will Walk On Water (Alternative Mix)
7 Splintering Heart (Live at The Moles Club)
8 You Don’t Need Anyone (Moles Club Demo)
9 No One Can (Moles Club Demo)
10 The Party (Moles Club Demo)
11 This Town (Moles Club Demo)
12 Waiting To Happen (Moles Club Demo)
13 Eric
14 The Epic (Fairground) (Mushroom Farm Demo)
15 Pain And Heaven:The Story of Holidays in Eden (Documentary)
16 Cover My Eyes (Promo Video)
17 No One Can (Promo Video)
18 Dry Land (Promo Video)
19 This Town (Demo Stanbridge Studios)
20 Splintering Heart (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
21 Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
22 Slàinte Mhath (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
23 The Uninvited Guest (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
24 The Party (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
25 Easter (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
26 No One Can (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
27 This Town (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
28 The Rake’s Progress (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
29 Kayleigh (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
30 The King Of Sunset Town (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
31 Holidays In Eden (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
32 Hooks In You (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
33 Freaks (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
34 Incommunicado (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
35 Garden Party (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
36 Sugar Mice (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))
37 Script For A Jester’s Tear (Rockpalast In Concert (German TV))

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Marillion `TITLE: Holidays In Eden (Deluxe Edition)

This 3CD/1 Blu-Ray includes a brand-new 2022 remixed stereo version of the album by Stephen Taylor, as well as a full live show from Hammersmith, London from 1991. The concert includes a number of tracks from Holidays In Eden, alongside favourites from previous albums such as Berlin, Incommunicado and much more.

The Blu-ray of the deluxe edition features the brand-new 2022 stereo remix in 96/24 Stereo LPCM, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 96/24 5.1 LPCM as well as B-Sides & bonus tracks such as The Moles Club demos recorded after the band’s long writing process for the album. It also includes lots of video content, including a brand-new documentary of the band telling the story of the album, HD upgraded promo videos and a live concert from Rockpalast In Concert from German TV.

Frontrunners of the U.K.’s progressive rock revival, led by Fish then Steve Hogarth without missing a beat.

Label: PRH/Rhino/Parlophone
Street Date: 09/16/22
Units Per Set: 3CD/1 Blu-Ray