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1 Rapture
2 The hanging tree
3 Bride of night
4 Herdchant
5 The cursed cavalier
6 To the north
7 Covenant
8 Red mist
9 Incantations
10 An autumn reverie
11 The repentant

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Eleventh studio album by Italian folk/power metal institution ELVENKING! After three years of waiting now follows the second part of the Reader Of The Runes trilogy and at the same time eleventh album of the Italian folk power metal legends ELVENKING! With “Reader Of The Runes – Divination” this mystical journey was started in 2019, which finds another fabulous climax on “Reader Of The Runes – Rapture”. For twenty years, the band has already proven that they well deserved their cult status in the scene and not only through outstanding live shows can expand their fan base more and more. With “Reader Of The Runes – Rapture” ELVENKING show that they are not treading water and continue to develop their sound without losing their trademark. Another strong foundation in a usual flawless discography. Over 70 million streams on Spotify alone don’t lie. This band is still growing and will rise above with “Reader Of The Runes – Rapture”.