Ed Sheeran – Autumn Variations LP Limited 1 x 140g 12″ White vinyl album


1 Magical
2 England
3 Amazing
4 Plastic Bag
5 Blue
6 American Town
7 That’s on Me
8 Page
9 Midnight
10 Spring
11 Punchline
12 When Will I Be Alright
13 The Day I Was Born
14 Head > Heels
1 Page
2 Midnight
3 Spring
4 Punchline
5 When Will I Be Alright
6 The Day I Was Born
7 Head > Heels

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release from the British singer/songwriter. “Last autumn, I found that my friends and I were going through so many life changes. After the heat of the summer, everything either calmed, settled, fell apart, came to a head or imploded,” says Ed Sheeran. “My dad and brother told me about a composer called Elgar, who composed ‘Enigma Variations’, where each of the 14 compositions were about a different one of his friends. This is what inspired me to make this album. When I recorded Subtract with Aaron Dessner, we clicked immediately. We wrote and recorded non-stop and this album was born out of that partnership. I feel he has captured the feeling of autumn so wonderfully in his sonics and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”