Doors – Live from Bakersfield, August 21, 1970 LP2 (Limited) (Orange Vinyl) (Black Friday) (2023)



Roadhouse Blues
Medley: Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)/Back Door Man/Five To One


Medley: Universal Mind/Afro Blue
When The Music’s Over


Love Me Two Times
Medley: Mystery Train/Away In India/Crossroads


Ship Of Fools
The End

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The Doors Live in Bakersfield captures one of the more unique shows from The Doors, during a tumultuous 1970 when Jim Morrison was on trial on trumped-up charges in Miami. The band had been playing together live for five years, and were tight enough to be able to veer into the unknown and that’s what they opted for in this California agriculture town on a hot summer night. Featuring improvisations and medleys of The Doors many beloved hits from across their albums, Live in Bakersfield is a shamanic adventure for all who listen.

This is the first official release of the June 5, 1970 show, and includes the song “Someday Soon”, which was only performed live