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On this Greatest Hits revisit and remix, Derek Sherinian has added scorching Hammond organ to “Here I Go Again,” “The Deeper The Love,” “Now You’re Gone,” “Give Me All You Love,” “Fool For Your Loving, “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again,” “Crying In The Rain,” “Sweet Lady Luck” … Yep, we kept him busy, for sure, and now, at last we have Adrian on “The Deeper The Love” and “Judgement Day,” which is a joy for me, as you can imagine … We also dug deep in some of the 24-track tapes and found more of John Sykes’ guitars on “Give Me All Your Love” rhythm tracks … and a new solo on “Slide It In,” for Gawd Sake! On a lot of the ‘epics,’ we revisited the strings to make them even more orchestral … We’ve definitely expanded on the original Greatest Hits, took them all out of the sonic time capsule of the ’80s and ’90s, and brought them up to date, sound-wise … as always, we have the original albums for those who consider them holy relics … those were simply remastered by Scott Hull in NYC…

“Still Of The Night” “Here I Go Again” “Is This Love” “Give Me All Your Love” “Love Ain’t No Stranger” “Slide It In” “Slow An’ Easy” “Guilty Of Love” “Fool For Your Loving” “Judgment Day” “The Deeper The Love” “Now You’re Gone” “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” “Sweet Lady Luck” “Crying In The Rain” “Forevermore”