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After the release of »Kuarahy« concurred with the blast of the worldwide pandemic and all the consequences it has generated, WHITE STONES-Martín Mendez’s project (OPETH’s bass player) -are ready to launch their second record.

When WHITE STONES released »Kuarahy« they became the first Spanish band signed to Nuclear Blast Records, cementing their first album as an unprecedented milestone. Now, with »Dancing Into Oblivion«, the band returns with a more compact sound, having been hard at work ensuring the utmost attention to every detail for a result that is even better than the first record.

The topics covered on this second album draw on the feelings that Martín himself affirms he has lived through during the lockdown imposed by the covid-19 pandemic. “I started it very calmed in March when »Kuarahy« was released and the lockdown started. I wrote the new record and it just flowed so well. It’s my point of view, of the feelings I had during the lockdown period, in this weird year. I took advantage of the moment and I feel excited about it”, reveals the musician.

The most outstanding musical elements on this new record are the disparate genres that manage to co-exist. There is an element of aggression, that can be seen rearing its head in an instrumental frenzy, as well as soft and delicate intricacies that develop an atmosphere which surrounds the listener. There are distinct dynamics among the songs, with interludes allowing the listening to take a breath and appreciate what they’re hearing.
Side A
1. La Menace
2. New Age Of Dark
3. Chain Of Command
4. Iron Titans
Side B
5. Woven Dream
6. To Lie Or To Die
7. Freedom In Captivity
8. Acacia

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