Disc 1
1 Eriq Johnson – Voice of Eternity
2 Kuba – Dilagi (feat Rizwan and Muazzam Khan)
3 MUTA and Judith Ahrends – Huankara (Judith Ahrends ReVo
4 Kalaman, Espinoza – Luna (Original Mix)
5 Idin Gorji & Hamed Shams – Mad Land
6 Hiss Band Feat Faezeh Zare Rafi – Khiyal
7 Thanassis Vassilopoulos – Earthchild (Ravin Remix)
8 YEDO & RAVIN – Sunset blessing
9 Monsieur Van Pratt – Lindo Momento
10 Bjork Stellar & Andy’s Echo – Falling State
11 Dino and Terry feat. Tina Ardor – Njaula Ibe
12 Lenz – El Ensueño (Vocal Mix)
13 Notre Dame – La Squadra
14 Paloma : Ukrainian Voice
15 Vandelor – Ubuntu CD
Disc 2
1 Simone Vitullo & Emanuele Esposito Feat. Brigitte Wicke
2 HyperSOUL-X – Kore (Main Ht)
3 Dum K- Namaqua
4 Calussa, Sebastian Rivero – San Juan (Band & Dos Remix)
5 Simo Moumen – Samsara (Original Mix)
6 Eran Hersh – Ale Ale
7 Nash La Musica – Tuzikwende Feat Pilogram Stylze
8 Villamore – Men Who Want
9 Beach Secrets – Truth Or Dare
10 No Entry – No Exit
11 Charles Schillings – The Barbuicks
12 Dr Feel Feat. Mici – Purple Pill (Original Mix)
13 Deejay Bengwas – Moya (Extended Mix)
14 Saint Evo – Lespri

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Two CD set. To enhance your summer, Buddha Bar is back with a fresh and tangy selection by Ravin and Charles Schillings. Heady beats, refreshing and captivating sounds… here are the Buddha-Bar Summer Vibes. The first disc – Chill Beats by Ravin – is created especially for chilling at the end of the day. You come back from the beach, you sit by the pool, a mojito in your hand, the time has come! You will find there the magnificent “Earthchild” from Thanassis Vassilopoulos, the refreshing “La Squadra” by Notre Dame, & the hypnotic “Ubuntu” by Vandelor. The second disc – Summer Nite by Charles Schillings – is thought for your “after dinner”. This is the perfect mix! You will find the excellent cover of “I Put a Spell on You”, the inviting “Ale Ale” by Eran Hersh, as well as the heady “No Exit” by No Entry.