»Citadel of Stars« is a groundbreaking album. A unique mix of epic Pagan Metal and traditional Blackened Metal. “Citadel of Stars” is both a wistful lament for a dying age and a hopeful glimpse of rebirth among the stars. The Canadian one-man act SIG:AR:TYR is back with “Citadel of Stars”. The first new album since 2016’s Northen returns to the dark atmospheres of previous works, weaving past, present and future into a groundbreaking release that reflects the epic themes of 20 years of SIG:AR:TYR’s musical legacy.


From the early years of acoustic guitars and ambient sounds to a series of albums that seamlessly blend epic pagan metal with introspective instrumentals, “Citadel of Stars” is the culmination of two decades of musical development that takes the listener on a spiritual journey to the stars and back again – an experience that you have never heard before and that you will not soon forget. It’s hard to single out or highlight individual songs because “Citadel of Stars” floats, takes you on a journey and before you know it you realize you have to press play again: that’s the strength of this great album .

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Awaiting The Last Dawn
Beyond The Stars Unknown
The Blood That Came Before You
Citadel Of Stars
Ascending The Stellar Throne
I Sail On, Eternal
Who Will Guide Me Now
From The Land Of The North
Where The Sun Never Sets