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1 Honky Tonk (Part 1)
2 Honky Tonk (Part 2)
3 Buttered Popcorn
4 Slow Walk
5 Quaker City
6 Night Train
7 Ram-Bunk-Shush
8 Peacock Alley
9 Hold It
10 Rainbow Riot (Parts 1 & 2)
11 After Hours
12 In the Wee Hours
13 Yocky Dock (Parts 1& 2)
14 Happy
15 (Let’s Do) the Hully Gully Twist
16 Tom Cat
17 The Slouch
18 You Can’t Sit Down
19 Roly-Poly
20 Hokum
21 Jackrabbit
22 Ragtown
23 The Rootie Too
24 Track 29

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Here’s an overview of the career of organist Bill Doggett that’s a bit different. Most reissues in the CD era have almost entirely focused on his time with King Records. He was with the label in three periods, the 50s and early 60s, and then again in the 70s when he was recording funkier material. It is the period from the early 60s after his first tenure with King records that has been ignored until now. Jasmine has collected together a selection of King singles to start off this set and then this superb CD concludes with his famous LP recorded for Warner Brothers Records in 1961 the snappily titled, “3046 People Danced ‘Til 4 A. M. To Bill Doggett and his Combo”. Despite being predominately jazz musicians due to the success of the instrumental “Honky Tonk Part 1 & 2” which has become an r&b standard, Bill Doggett and his group found themselves very much in demand in rock and roll venues and shows